2. theweejun:


    "You can only go crazy if you’ve mastered the basics - a bit like a Sonny Rollins solo". Perhaps the best feature ever written on the old J.Simons shop. From Arena Magazine 1987. 

    For those who weren’t around at this time and who complain about clothing being made in China and other distant lands - this article is 27 years old yet look at the prices. The cost of quality clothing back then was prohibitive even when the pound was two to the dollar. If you had to pay those prices in today’s terms for your clothing then you’d really have something to complain about. Harringtons £69, Leather A2 £350, Eastland loafers £49, Canterbury belt £18… This was TWENTY SEVEN YEARS AGO! My first pair of Weejuns in 1983 cost me one week’s wages. The equivalent today don’t cost anything like an average week’s wage.

    Was a customer way back when - still have the article published in Arena - and all the items listed and if I remember, both a Golden Bear Blue & White Varsity Jacket and Leather bomber. Lovely Hartford half sleeve madras, Woolrich parkas and Sebago Chukka Boots from Russell St. Still popping into Chiltern to keep the Ivy jones fed!

  3. J Simons getting it completely correct.

  4. theweejun:

    At John Simons today I noticed what I thought was the Allen Edmonds Kenwood in grain. Then I picked it up and it was a Florsheim loafer in the same grain leather as the Yuma - all products made for the Italian market these days.

    The loafer looks like a 1960s beefroll, wide and comfortable and at £139 a no-brainer. I would love it if Bass made a really nice Weejun again in scotch grain, but that’s another story. Meanwhile, there’s nothing wrong with the beefroll style, it harks back to at least the 1940s.

    Purists may bemoan the made in India element of the Florsheim, but in the grain at least it works. The last is good, the handsewing good and it’s a pair of loafers for knocking about it, not Alden longwings. Unlike the brush off stiff plasticky leather of the competition at that price (namely Weejuns), these are like slippers at first try.

    Thank God for the Italians (who’ve kept many a broken down vision-less company alive with their traditional models in time for them to be ‘rediscovered’ by the hipster crowd).

  5. Another fine example of the Oxford Cotton Button Down worn correctly. Blue Note Records - stylin’

  6. Lovely OC Button Down - pure Ivy!

    Big up Reid Miles & Blue Note - The Label.

  7. Stellar Jazz soon come - a must have early bird order from Tokyo.

  8. themaninthegreenshirt:

    Steve McQueen wearing Hutton Original Playboys

  9. Just scored from Tokyo - lovely little NC compilation - deep modal grooves!

  10. Nice new years sales purchase … John Smedley Cambourne …. sweet!